Building a brand

Products are created in the factory, but brands are made in the mind. Branding is not only some name, logo or design but it is more than that. It is a symbol by which people are able to recognise the products and services an organisation will provide. It is a depiction of the signature style that the company offers

Brand marketing helps companies to relate to the people as the consumers form an opinion about the brand accordingly. Individuals judge the products or services and then trust and buy the brand. Brand Marketing are words that are most commonly heard by the entrepreneurs and it requires lots of marketing efforts which enable your brand to stand out among your competitors. You need branding to help you to decide on the products and services you want to provide to the consumer. In the end, brand value comes down to distinction: your ability to set your brand apart in the industry. You have to be able to tell a story and it has to be consistent across all marketing channels to remain strong. Apple, McDonald’s and Nike are brands that probably everyone is aware about. How did they achieve this level ? It is due to effective marketing strategies that they are well known among the masses. For example, Apple’s brand marketing strategy is basic and simple ‘Don’t just create a brand, create a moment’..


7 major benefits of a strong brand:

  • Better customer recognition
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • More word of mouth
  • Higher advertising effectiveness
  • Higher employee motivation
  • Higher applicant quality
  • Lower price sensitivity