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Awais Malik

Co-founder / Web developer

Meet the visionary behind our web development prowess, Awais Malik, an accomplished WordPress Developer whose expertise and passion are intricately woven into the fabric of our team. His rich background, elegantly detailed on LinkedIn, showcases a journey marked by an unwavering commitment to WordPress development and an innate ability to transform concepts into visually stunning and high-performing websites.

As our WordPress Developer, Awais spearheads our team’s efforts, ensuring that each website is a testament to innovation and functionality. His proficiency extends beyond crafting elegant online solutions – it encompasses a strategic approach to SEO, as evidenced by his expertise highlighted on LinkedIn. Under Awais’ leadership, our team is not just building websites; we’re cultivating digital experiences that captivate audiences and ascend the ranks of search engine results. Join us in this digital journey led by Awais Malik, where every website becomes a masterpiece of design, functionality, and SEO excellence

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